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Nuppi EMA

Pregnancy and breastfeeding - the most important period in the life of the child and mother.  
NUPPI® EMA - milk-based dry mixture enriched with vitamins and minerals for additional nutrition for pregnant and lactating women.  
One serving of NUPPI® EMA provides daily amount of vital nutrients for mother and child.


Vitamins and minerals

Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA)

Probiotics (bifidobacteria)

Folic acid

Nuppi tabs


Preparation method:

Boil the drinking water for 5 minutes, cool it to 37-40 С. Add 8 scoops (36 g) of dry product and 170 ml of boiled water. Stir thoroughly until the mixture is fully dissolved.

The amount of water, ml

Number of measuring spoons per serving

The recommended amount of servings per day





  • The formula should be prepared right before each feeding.
  • Recommended to use as a food additive in a dry form or as restorating drink.
  • To save the life activity of bifidobacteria, the temperature of water for mixing must not exceed 40 ºС.
  • Recommended daily need - 1 serving (36 g) dry product or 200 ml ready-made drink.

Storage conditions:

Unopened packaging should be stored at temperatures from 0 ºС to + 25 º with a relative air humidity of no more than 75%. After opening the inner packaging the product should be stored in a dry cool place for no more than 3 weeks. Do not store in fridge.